The Road to Monaco

The Road to Monaco
Howden Ganley

New Zealand driver Howden Ganley competed in Formula 1 at the height of motor racing’s most glamorous and dangerous era, the 1960s and 70s. His autobiography is a large work on a colourful subject, as his career also encompasses racing car manufacture, team ownership, and administration of the sport.

The Road to Monaco was produced within a short time-frame, with the author working alongside us in the studio as the layouts were created. Streamline printed the book in Asia and shipped to USA, UK and New Zealand. Reviewers have praised the publication for its quality content and striking presentation.

Casebound, 448pp
228x212mm, portrait
Published 2015 by Denley Publications, Derby, UK

What we did

Editing & Indexing
Design & Artwork
Project Management incl printing & shipping

“The Road to Monaco is undoubtedly the best racing-driver autobiography I’ve read in years… [it] has all the hallmarks of being a future collectible.”

Allan Walton, New Zealand Classic Car

“Many thanks for your help, hard work and guidance in producing this wonderful book”

Howden Ganley