Heroes & Sparrows


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Heroes & Sparrows
A Celebration of Running Roger Robinson

First published in 1986, Heroes & Sparrows has been hailed by reviewers and the worldwide running community as a major contribution to the understanding and appreciation of the sport.
It has been called one of the best running books of all time.

This 25th Anniversary Edition includes introductory essays to each section, where the author relates the original chapters to the 21st century running movement. A Postscript keeps this classic of the first running boom as fresh and inspiring as a morning run.

Streamline Creative also published Roger Robinson’s 2004 New Zealand Book Awards finalist Robert Louis Stevenson: His Best Pacific Writings and arranged co-edition sales to University of Queensland Press (Australian edition) and Bess Press (North American edition).

Limpbound, 218pp
210x148mm, portrait

Published 2016 by Streamline Creative in New Zealand and by Roger Robinson in USA

What we did

Design & Artwork

“A marvellous piece of writing. I consider the book truly international.”

Graeme ‘Bookman’ Beattie